‘The Step Daughters’ Pilot episode, panalong-panalo laban sa ‘Asintado’

GMA-7 has aired the pilot episode of its latest afternoon teleserye The Stepdaughters, which replaced Impostora.

Starring Megan Young and Katrina Halili as warring stepsiblings, The Stepdaughters is about the two women and their struggle for money and power.

Luisa Dela Rosa (Glydel Mercado) leads a simple life with husband Mario (Allan Paule) and daughter Mayumi (to be played by Megan in adulthood) in the slums of Quezon City. Mario is suffering from a disease (possibly tuberculosis) which he hides from his boss.

Mario is friends with Hernan Salvador (Gary Granada), one of his colleagues. Hernan owes his life to Mario, who saved him and a middle-aged lady from being squashed by an out-of-control truck. The terrifying incident also left the lady deeply grateful to Mario, who introduces herself as the owner of a cosmetics company.

Drama ensues when Luisa and Mario’s house burn to the ground, forcing them to live in Hernan’s tiny home. This decision didn’t sit well with Hernan’s wife Brenda. It doesn’t help that Brenda believes that Hernan is attracted to Luisa, which her husband denies, naturally.

She vents her frustration to her child Isabelle (who will later be played by Katrina). This leads Belay to mistreat Mayumi, going so far as to frame the young girl for the destruction of Brenda’s makeup kit. Furious, Brenda throws Mayumi and Luisa out of her house, leaving the Dela Rosas completely homeless.

The sneak peek of the next few episodes sets the future of the series: Mario will die, but not before learning that he has won the lottery. Hernan will steal his winning ticket and—quite possibly—use the stolen money to establish a cosmetics company with the help of the middle-aged stranger who offered to reward Mario for saving her life.

AGB RATINGS. How did the pilot episode of The Stepdaughters fare in the ratings game based on AGB Nielsen data?

GMA-7’s The Stepdaughters received an AGB TV rating of 6.5%.

Its rival program in ABS-CBN, Asintado, registered a rating of 4.8%.

The new Kapuso drama series got a rating that is 1.7 points higher than its Kapamilya counterpart.


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