Maine Mendoza is our Millennial Millionaire


Little did she know that she’d be taking over the Queen of All Media’s status as the queen of Philippine endorsements as well.

The Association of Philippine Advertisers (APA) confirmed that Mendoza is now the top product endorser in the country, a title held by Aquino for the previous years.

“It cannot be denied that Ms. Kris [Aquino] has been the favorite of product companies for more than two decades for their advertisements. But apparently, this has not been the case this year.” says APA’s Soltero salazar

Mendoza’s social media popularity is not the only reason why she became the most sought-after celebrity endorser of many brands. Mendoza who is celebrating her second showbiz anniversary, also has fans of AlDub to thank for her success.

Adding to this, Salazar mentioned that Aquino’s departure from ABS-CBN also played a big factor as she was no longer seen constantly on television.

Maine Mendoza alone walked her way to the top of the lists that includes Mega Star Sharon Cuneta, boxer Manny Pacquiao, Kris Aquino, Michael V, and her other half Alden Richards.

Mendoza has made an unimaginable P87,985,540 from TV commercials alone. Her tax declaration will be bigger because these earnings does not include her TV show (Eat Bulaga) and her My Bebe Love movies -which alone grossed more than P300 million.

Here’s an incomplete list of her TV commercials that paid her heavy price:

– McDonalds P2.6 million
– Coca Cola P2.5 million
– Bear Brand (Nestle) P2.3 million
– Smart Talk N’ Text P2.3 million
– 555 Sardines P1.9 million
– Tide (Procter & Gamble) P1.9 million
– O+ Mobile Phone P1.65 million
– Eskinol – P1.6 million
– Zonrox (Green Cross) P1.38 million
– Downy P1.29 million
– Datu Puti P1.2 million
– Rejoice P1 million
– Modess P1 million
– Lady’s Choice P1 million
– Bingo biscuit P900,000
– CDO P900,000

Maine Mendoza beat the Mega Star (P81,569,450) by P6.6 million according to the research company AGB Nielsen.


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