Kris Aquino on ongoing negotiations with a TV network: “Nag-promise ako sa kanila to shut up.”

Kris Aquino confirmed that she has ongoing negotiations for her possible TV comeback, but she refused to name which TV network she’s signing with.
She said, “I’m not allowed to say. Kasi nag-promise ako sa kanila to shut up.”
Citing her firm decision to stay mum about her speculated TV comeback, the Queen of All Media remarked, “I’m now so proper! What has happened to me? Hahaha!”
The Queen of All Media was in high spirits, saying that her foray into digital media has brought her new endorsements and a new platform for other work-related projects.
But she admitted that she’s excited to be back on TV, which has been her work-slash-playground for more than two decades. 
“I am not totally disregarding the need to be back on free TV.
“So, the negotiations are ongoing. I’m excited about it. It’s something also very new for me.


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