Anong masasabi n’yo sa unang 2 gabi ng My Love from the Star?

Beginning May 29, GMA Network proudly presents its highly-anticipated local adaptation of the hit and internationally acclaimed Korean series, My Love From The Star.
The Kapuso Network proves once again to be the Heart of Asia as it brings the remake of the mala-aso’t pusa and abot-langit kilig story of Steffi and Matteo to Pinoy viewers.
Ultimate Star Jennylyn Mercado breathes life to Steffi Chavez, a strikingly beautiful, sophisticated, and overly confident popular actress who is senseless and careless at times. Meanwhile, newest Kapuso heartthrob Gil Cuerva steps into the shoes of Matteo Domingo, a highly intelligent, aloof, but cold and often distant extra-terrestrial being forced to live his days here on Earth.
The story beings over 400 years ago when Matteo’s spaceship crash-landed on Earth. Since then, he has lived many lives and eagerly awaits the return of beings from his planet to take him home. He starts counting down the days and has about three months left waiting when he meets and encounters Steffi. Steffi, being the popular actress, is used to people literally and figuratively falling down her feet and giving her everything she wants, but Matteo doesn’t even know who she is and this comes as a shock for her.
Initially, they won’t get along, but will, later on, come to discover that they have feelings for one another and fall in love. But how can two different beings from two separate worlds –a human and an alien – be together?
Completing the cast are multi-talented artists: Gabby Eigenmann as Jackson Libredo, the older brother of Winston, CEO of their company and heir of the family wealth. On the outside, he’s responsible and a gentleman, but inside, he is cold, scheming, and will do anything to get what he wants. Christian Bautista as Winston Libredo, the younger brother of Jackson, who is charming and happy-go-lucky. He is also Steffi’s childhood friend and he has been in love with her ever since. Glydel Mercado as Lynelle Chavez, Steffi’s gold-digger and social climber mother who constantly mooches off her daughter. Renz Fernandez as Peter Yuzon, Lucy’s brother and the new prosecutor who comes in to investigate the death of Rachel. Jackie Rice as Lucy Yuzon, Steffi’s friend from high school. She’s nice, sweet, and often quiet. Like Steffi, she is also an actress but all she gets are supporting roles. Migo Adecer as Yuan Chavez, Steffi’s reckless brother who rarely goes home and would rather stay at computer shops. Melissa Mendez as Doris Yuzon, Lucy’s mother who persistently pushes her to be a lead actress like Steffi. Spanky Manikan as Mr. Jang, Matteo’s only friend and the only person who knows his secret. Nar Cabico as Jun, Steffi’s road manager and personal assistant who is genuinely fond of her despite her attitude. Analyn Barro as Mina, another loyal personal assistant of Steffi and her stylist. Valentin as Detective Park, the detective in-charge of Rachel’s case. Moi Marcampo as Kathy, also Steffi’s friend from high school who runs a library and a small café. Pauline Mendoza as Marcella, the girl Matteo fell in love with back in the 16th century.
Playing a very special role in the remake is Kapuso leading lady Rhian Ramos as Rachel Andrada, another sought-after actress and the number one rival of Steffi in the industry.
The much-awaited series is under the skillful direction of esteemed director Bb. Joyce Bernal.
My Love From The Star finds its way back into the hearts of Filipino viewers beginning Monday (May 29) right after Mulawin VS Ravena on GMA Telebabad.


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